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The Birth of Pink Lady®

A Cripps Pink, marketed as the Pink Lady® apple is a result of a natural cross made in 1973 by the Western Australia Department of Agriculture, between the varieties ‘Lady Williams’ and ‘Golden Delicious’. The resulting seedling was planted and produced its first fruit in 1979.

The fruit was an exciting breakthrough and the variety was ‘promoted’ through the breeding program. Second and third-generation trees were propagated, and the development of what is now known as the Pink Lady® apple began.

Born of good earth, pure water and clear skies a crisp Pink Lady® apple represents life at its natural green best.

They are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, and because of their natural sweetness, they taste great in recipes too! Pink Lady® apples are a premium apple so only the highest quality can become a Pink Lady®. We go to great lengths to ensure we deliver you only the finest apples available.

Packed with Goodness

Pink Lady® apples are a natural source of energy and packed with vitamin C. A single apple supplies a quarter of your daily vitamin C requirement. Almost half of the Vitamin C content of an apple lies directly under its skin so it is more beneficial not to peel your apples. As well as Vitamin C, you’ll find Boron to keep your bones strong and Pectin, which helps your body digest food more efficiently.

  • About 10% of a Pink Lady® apple is made up of carbohydrates and contains dietary fibre in both its skin and core.

  • Approximately 4% of a Pink Lady® apple is made up of vitamins and minerals. The rest of the apple, more than 80%, is made up of water.

  • An average 100g Pink Lady® apple contains about 50 calories.

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Bee Pink®

We are committed to the survival of our honey bees. Together with other pollinators, they form an integral part of our agricultural industry.

We focus on:

  1. The planting of bee-friendly trees to support reforestation, thereby ensuring quality forage for honey bees so that good nutritious food is available for our bees.

  2. The education around honey bees in orchards, thus fostering the growth of healthy natural ecosystems and how to maintain and preserve it.

We partner with Nuxe, Nedbank, Boland Cellar and TopFruit to plant bee friendly trees via Greenpop.

Greenpop is a renowned organization that has been working tirelessly towards reforestation and various environmental awareness projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. Through this partnership, we aim to contribute to their efforts and make a meaningful impact on the honey bee population.

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