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Pink Lady® Newsletter October 2022

Wow everyone at the table with this special tart. Yes, you may know the combination of apple and bacon, but have you tasted it with fresh sage leaves and the subtle aroma of sautéed leeks? Used this way, it becomes an even more delicious synergy of aromas. The natural sweetness of Pink Lady


Pink Lady® Newsletter September 2022

This delicate phyllo dessert with its unique flavour is just what you need for a special occasion. Baklava is often associated with Greek cuisine. The well-known layers of crispy phyllo with a nut and spice filling, drenched in a lemony syrup is out of this world.   Read more


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Pink Lady Newsflash - 2022 Pix Food Photography Competition

Two years ago, we began our own local South African Pink Lady® Pix Food Photography Instagram competition with the idea to give locals, amateurs, or professionals a chance to enter our competition. Entries to this year’s competition recently ended and we are pleased to announce that we received more than 900 amazing entries!    Read...

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Pink Lady® Newsletter July 2022

Creating special moments in your kitchen is the ultimate way to spoil family and friends. We know you are a huge Pink Lady® Apple fan, but how often do you bake with these beauties? Read more...    

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