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Pink Lady® apples are allowed to linger longer on their trees to absorb more of nature’s goodness and develop their characteristic radiance and sweet refreshing taste.

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Make healthy living a part of your active lifestyle with Pink Lady® - naturally


Born of good earth, pure water and clear skies a crisp Pink Lady® apple represents life at its natural green best. Only the cream of the crop is selected to be a perfect Pink Lady® apple. The heart-shaped logo is your assurance of the finest quality, guaranteeing a sweet, juicy and crunchy apple every time!

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An explosion of flavour – that’s a Pink Lady® Apple. Even when cooked or baked, the sweet flavour remains prominent and the skin rosy. The apples soften when baked, but will not become floury or lose their shape. All the more reason to cook with them

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Gugelhupf koek met Pink Lady® appels

Italiaanse Dennepit tert met Pink Lady® appels

Karamel en Pink Lady® appelkoek

We Support

Crafts for Cancer

Pink Lady® supports the Tygerberg Hospitals Breast Clinic Fund. Raising funds for cancer patient transport cost to and from the hospital.

BEE Pink

We are committed to the survival of our honey bees. Together with other pollinators they form an integral part of our agricultural industry.

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year

The Pink Lady® Food Photography Awards celebrate the very best in food photography and film from around the world. The Awards are open to professional and non-professional photographers, young and old alike.

Make healthy living a part of your active lifestyle with Pink Lady® - naturally!

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