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Duck Confit with Vanilla Pink Lady® Apple Chutney, Dried Fruit Salad, Mange tout & Orange jus


4 - 6


1.3 hours

By Reuben's

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Duck confit

Mix together the salt, bay leaf and black pepper and thyme in a food processor until well combined.
Rub this mixture into the duck legs and allow to cure for 4 hours.
Shake of the excess salt mixture, heat 1⁄2 cup of duck fat and fry the duck legs until golden brown. Add the rest of the fat plus the frying fat into a wide, thick bottom pot and put the duck legs into the fat, make sure they are completely under the fat.
Cook on a very low temperature, making sure the legs does not fry, but slowly boils.
After 1 hour remove the legs from the fat and cool.

Apple chutney

Place all the ingredients into a saucepot. Reduce down until it starts to thicken and starts to caramelize. Cool down and store in sealed jars.

Orange jus

Put all the ingredients into a pot and cook for 15 minutes, strain and cook more until the sauce starts to thicken.
To serve
Crisp the duck again in some duck fat and place in an oven to heat through.
Place onto a hot plate with the apple chutney, some steamed mange tout, pommes puree, orange sauce and a salad of mixed dried fruit, lettuce, coriander dressed with olive oil.

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Duck confit

Apple chutney

Orange jus

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